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Interested in Sponsoring SalukiCon? Check out our sponsorship packages or email at SalukiCon@siu.edu us to inquire about special sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship Packages

Game Hosts

Catan National Qualifier

Hosted by Greyhawke Gamers Guild & Catan Studios

Key Forge Tournament

Hosted by Game Nite and ran by David Duncan

Paint N Take

Hosted by Castle Perilous

Pokemon Tournament

Hosted by The Game Table and ran by Blake Turpin

Yu-Gi-Oh & DragonBall Super Tournament

Hosted by Q's Comics & Games and ran by Blake Turpin

Star Wars Destiny Tournament

Hosted by Fox Comics & Games and ran by Carl Harris

Star Wars X-Wing Tournament

Hosted by Dragon’s Hoard Gaming and ran by Bob Mitchell

Warhammer 40K Tournament

Hosted by Castle Perilous and ran by Kurt Schilling