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Interested in Sponsoring SalukiCon? Check out our sponsorship packages or email us at SalukiCon@siu.edu to inquire about special sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship Packages

Game Hosts

Catan National Qualifier

Hosted by Greyhawke Gamers Guild & Catan Studios

Infinity Tournament

Hosted by Corvus Belli and run by Andrew Haar

Key Forge Tournament

Hosted by Game Nite, Moonbase Market, Castle Perilous, & Yeti Gaming and run by David Duncan

Magic the Gathering Tournaments

Supported by Castle Perilous, RnD Collectibles, Asgard Keep, & Wizards of the Coast and run by David Duncan

Pokemon Tournament

Hosted by The Game Table and run by Blake Turpin

Star Wars Destiny Tournament

Hosted by Fox Comics & Games and run by Carl Harris

Star Wars X-Wing Tournament

Hosted by Dragon’s Hoard Gaming and run by Bob Mitchell

Warhammer 40K Tournament

Hosted by Castle Perilous and run by Kurt Schilling

Special Appreciation

Saluki Con also extends its thanks to JCPenney (University Mall, Carbondale, IL) for providing event participants with complimentary lanyards.